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Farmer Sends Very Strong Message To Donald Trump — Spelled Out In Manure!

Pooper Tuesday!
A farmer from Ohio named Jerry Slankard has made his mark in the fight against Donald Trump… and the result is just as smelly as some of The Donald's political views!
Slankard raises beef cattle, and when you have a job like that, you have access to a lot of, well, bullsh*t. Just like politicians!!
So what'd Slankard do with all that extra excrement? He wrote a message for Trump made out of manure, of course!! The result (above) is an amazing message for the awful politician!
Slankard weighed in on why he decided to go this route:
"It's just, [Trump] doesn't have any political experience — not to mention, he's a bully."
Slankard's wife Judy agrees after watching a recent GOP debate:
"Nine out of 10 things that Trump said was a lie. I think it's down to him and Hillary. I hope and pray for the sake of my grandkids that he doesn't get it."
As for the message in manure, it apparently took Slankard about four hours to spell it all out on his property.
That's a looooong four hours of smelly sh*t, but four hours of suffering is far better than the four years that we'd all suffer under The Donald.
Kudos to you, Jerry Slankard!
What do U think of this crappypolitical statement against The Donald?!
Pretty great, right??

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