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Disgraced;   Adam Johnson had a hardcore porn app on his phone and sent x-rated pics of women he'd slept with to his team mates

Disgraced Pedophile footballer Adam Johnson was so obsessed with porn, he had a hardcore porn app on his phone and usually watched porn videos in the dressing room. He was also said to be into younger women.

According to a report by The Sun, Johnson, apart from constantly watching videos on the porn app, usually shared x-rated images of women he had cheated on his partner with to his teammates, who were left stunned by his constant cheating habits.

When a naked picture of his 'groin area' was found on his phone. He insisted it was for his doctor.

The ex-Sunderland and England footballer is facing a lengthy prison sentence at the end of his month after he was found guilty of kissing, grooming and having sexual activity with a 15 year old girl.

His ex-partner and mother of his child, Stacey Flounders has broken up with the footballer and her father Gary Flounders says she won't be getting back with the footballer as he flew from his base in America to England to come and be by his daughter's side during this trying period.
Gary exclusively told The Sun today: "There's no way back. She's gone now."
The judge told Johnson 'You must understand that when you return here at the end of March you will receive a substantial prison sentence.'
A relative told MailOnline: 'I feel so sorry for Stacey. She is a new mum and having a lot to cope with at the moment. Her grandad is also ill.' 

 'Before Adam, Stacey had her own life, she was an air hostess and had a car. She likes her designer shoes and handbags. She is a stunning girl.
'She liked her holidays, she saved up to go to Mexico and her dad lives in Florida so she would go and see him.
'She must have been really smitten with Adam because I've seen her have boyfriends before but I didn't expect her to settle down so soon. I was shocked to hear she was pregnant.'

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