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Court Orders Documents on British Police Corruption released to Ibori

This is a signed press statement by Tony Eluemunor, Media Assistant to Chief James Onanefe Ibori.
A British Crown Court has ordered the immediate release of documents and other materials uncovered by James Ibori's former solicitor Gohil Bhadresh suggesting that British Metropolitan Police Officers investigating James Ibori, fraudulently obtained materials and documents against Gohil Bhardesh and James Ibori. 

A press statement from Tony Eluemunor, Chief Ibori’s Media Assistant, said that His Honour Judge Tester of Southwark Crown Court on Friday directed the prosecution to comply with his order made on January 21st this year and release to James Ibori's counsels the documents. The prosecution had initially refused to release the documents and other materials which suggested police involvement in corruption and fraud in the James Ibori's and Gohil Bhadresh's case.

This order followed the dramatic turn of event in the case brought by the Crown Prosecution against Gohil accusing him of attempt to pervert the course of justice but which the crown prosecution dropped following damaging and incriminating documents uncovered by Gohil Bhadresh which the Prosecution had lied ever existed.

The allegations of corruption and documents suggesting thousands of pound sterling were paid into the bank account of the investigating police officers involved in the case and attempt by both the crown prosecution and the British Police to cover up this grave misconducts have greatly damaged the credibility of materials and documents relied upon by the crown and police in this case. Subsequently, all the crown prosecutors and police officers handling the case have been removed from the case.

According to the statement, a new vista has opened in the Ibori London trial, as James Ibori's former solicitor, Gohil Bhadresh has approached the court of appeal to quash his conviction because the Police and the crown prosecution may have misled the court and have been neck deep in corruption. This new development may totally change this whole case as the new documents suggesting Police misconduct in the handling of the case may mean the last has not been heard in James Ibori's trial in London.

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