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Police Are Frantically Searching For A Man Who's Been Sending Death Threats To Legendary Record Exec Clive Davis!5 Reactions

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This is scary!
Police are apparently searching far and wide for a man named Jeffrey Choi, after he allegedly has been calling Sony Music record execClive Davis and leaving graphic, violent death threats!
The music mogul has been getting these calls from Choi for some time, now — the violent suspect allegedly made first contact all the way back in 2011 when he called Davis and alleged Sony Records was making songs about him without his permission.
But now, according to TMZ, police went to check on Choi at his supposed last residence to determine his mental state, and they couldn't find him.
When they reached Choi by phone, he allegedly told them he wouldn't meet with authorities unless Davis were there, too.
Now, police are frantically searching for Choi, since they don't know where he is, and they do know some thing's not right with him if we wants to kill a man like Davis.

Our thoughts are with Davis, and the cops, for a safe and harmless end tothis story

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