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Kanye West FINALLY Commits To An Album Name And Tracklist!

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From So Help Me God to SWISH toWaves to T.L.O.P.Kanye Westfinally settles on a name for his seventh album!
As we reported, Thursday is a big day for Ye. Not only is he dropping his new LP, he is also showing his Yeezy 3 Collection at Madison Square Garden.
On Wednesday, the controversial musician took to Twitter to tell his millions of fans what T.L.O.P. stands for.
He wrote :

Who exactly is Pablo?!
We're not sure. Funny enough, the text, "which one?" appears next to the name. Perhaps Pablo Picasso?!
Compared with a previous tracklist, this one doesn't have the following songs: Nina ChopNo More Parties in L.A., and 30 Hours.

We just can't wait to hear Kanye's new music, and see his new clothes!

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