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Judge Orders 50 Cent To Explain How He Has So Much Cash On Instagram While Going Through Bankruptcy!19 Reactions

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This is embarrassing.
On Thursday, U.S. Bankruptcy JudgeAnn M. Nevins ordered rapper 50 Cent to appear in court after seeing pictures of thousands of dollars in cash on his Instagram account.
The judge wants to know why 50, real name Curtis J. Jackson III, has access to so much cash even though he filed for bankruptcy in July, claiming at the time that lawsuits had dried him up completely!
This isn't the first time the judge has been concerned about the rapper's assets — and that's a big problem in this instance, because earlier court findings indicated that Jackson may have hidden property he owned from his creditors, as well as money he made from public performances.
According to reports, 50 owes somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million various creditors.
Now, he must show up in court to address all the claims against his IG account!
Just ch-ch-check out some of the pics in question (below):

That's not the smartest way to go about a bankruptcy

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