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Funny; Man who tried to steal from a drug store gets knocked out by the Pharmacist’s boxer boyfriend

A Florida robber while attempting to rob a Walgreens pharmacy for it’s supply of Oxycodone was left beaten and bruised by the pharmacist's boyfriend who is a state boxing champion that just happened to surprise her at work on the day of the incident.

A 26 year old Anthony Nemeth was beaten up badly when he tried robbing a pharmacist in front of her trained fighter boyfriend.

The alleged robber, walked into the Walgreens on Valentine’s Day, leaped onto the counter, told the pharmacist he had a gun and then demanded Oxycodone pills. Unfortunately for him, the pharmacist’s boyfriend, David West, was visiting his girlfriend for the romantic holiday just as the thief showed up.
“When he started reaching into his pants like he had a weapon, that’s when I did something just to protect my girlfriend,” West told WFSB.
The surveillance footage showed West casually walking over to the thief, pulling him off the counter, yanking his white towel mask and sweater off, and landing a series of hard punches to his face, knocking out the wannabe robber.

Nemeth has been charged with attempted armed robbery and is currently being held in Manatee County Jail on a $15,000 bond.

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