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Worst selfies in the world; 

1) First, love thyself! Isn’t that the dictum that governs selfies? Now that we’ve all got these high definition cameras in our pockets, we can’t help but snap pictures of ourselves, sharing them with all of our friends on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or whatever else. There’s nothing wrong with selfies. But, there is a right way to take a selfie and a wrong way to take a selfie. It’s really as simple as that.
2) You Look Like Crap
It’s possible that you may not notice what’s gone horribly wrong with this selfie until you look at it for a minute… we suppose, the danger of taking selfies in the bathroom. A lot of weird stuff goes on in bathrooms, which you just might happen to catch in the frame. So, let this be a lesson to you, kids: Always flush before you take your selfies!
 3) People seem to not pay much attention to what they’re reflecting, especially when the mirror in question, Unfortunately for the participants in this selfie, they happened to catch their friend sitting upon the porcelain throne. Remember, kids: Be very careful when there are multiple mirrors in play!

4. Clear the Area!
Unless you’re not taking your selfies from a really close angle, you’re necessarily going to include some of your surroundings in the picture. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you clear the area of anything
5. Watch Out For Mom
It’s like Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff said way back in the day – before Will Smith was the “movie star” you know him as today: “Parents just don’t understand.” This is an important concept to remember when you’re snapping your selfies. You might be trying to send a sexy Miley Cyrus style selfie to that the guy you have a totally major crush on only to have mom appear in the doorway with her disapproving stare. Now what’ve you got?
6. Framing is Important
Just ask any big-shot Hollywood director, and they’ll tell you. When you’re trying to line up the perfect shot, you have to carefully consider what’s going to be in the frame and what’s going to be outside of the frame. Here, we see a woman who’s doing almost everything right. She’s got a good pose, she looks cute, and she’s got the mirror to take the selfie in. The problem is that she didn’t account for the bottom of the frame!

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