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Tila Tequila Asked Fans To Pay For Her Furniture — And They Followed Through! Find Out How Much Money She's Raking In!

She is one of a kind.
Alright, then. Tila Tequila will do anything… for her daughter, apparently.

The momma-of-one recently created a GoFundMe page so she can buy furniture for her new apartment. Yes, Perezcious readers, you read that correctly.

The MTV alum started crowdfunding so she can furnish her new home. She wrote on the website:
"The reason why I am creating this GoFundMe campaign is because they have raised the rent at my old home to $4,500 a month, and being a single mother without any support from the father, it can sometimes be very tough taking care of 2 people with only a 1 person income."
The 34-year-old explained that she's making this sacrifice — yes, she used the word sacrifice — to give her daughter, Isabella Monroe Nguyen, a better life, saying:

"I have zero pride or ego when it comes to taking care of my daughter because this is what real good mother's do. We sacrifice for our children and would take care of them by any means possible. Even if that means being a celebrity, and creating a GoFundMe campaign to get hep from my fans."
The pint-sized personality asked the internet for $2,500 to adorn her abode, and on Friday her fans really pulled through by passing her goal in only five days.

To be fair, this is the same site where a man raised $55,000 to make potato salad, so it's clear people online will support literally anything.

And, the single mom gave her adoring followers a pretty good incentive to part with their money, because she promised to call EVERYONE who chipped in.

We sh*t you not.

After she reached her goal, she wrote:

"I will give everyone who donated to our cause a personal phone call, as I promised, as soon as I return from filming in Las Vegas so that I have more time to sit down, and give each person a call as that is hard to do while I am traveling, and at work. I will be returning the 1st week of FEBRUARY, and on top of that we FINALLY can move into our beautiful, new home, and get it all furnished THANKS TO SOME OF YOU! So after we get all nice and settled I will give you a call!"
One donor even contributed $1,200! Dang!

But weirdly enough, not everyone who sent the star money seems to be on Team Tila. One person gave five bucks AND trashed her recentFlat Earth rant, writing:

"Donating so you can buy your kid a globe, please seek professional help"

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