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Swooning Songstress! Selena Gomez Has Eyes For Brad Pitt & Ryan Gosling At The Golden Globes After-Parties!

Selena Gomez and Brad Pitt
Selena Gomez can't keep her handseyes to herself!
And we don't blame her!!!
The Same Old Love singer isn't the only one out there who's got eyes forBrad Pitt and Ryan Gosling — especially after The Big Shortcharming co-stars took the Golden Globes stage to introduce their filmas a best picture nominee.
The 23-year-old pop star made it a point at last night's party to find the heart throbs and feast her eyes upon their hotness. She told People at theInStyle celebration:
"I'm not going to lie, it's nice to, like, look at all of the hot guys that I admire. Like, I'm trying to find Ryan Gosling and Brad Pittright now."
Priorities, people!!!
When asked if she has a crush onThe Notebook star, the Good For Yousongstress replied:
"I mean, is that even a question?"
LOLz! She'd be lying otherwise!
As long as she's just looking and not touching — we promise not to tellAngelina Jolie and Eva Mendes! Ha!
And, it turns out, she found at least one of her crushes! Selly took toInstagram to share a moment with Brad (above). She captioned the photo:
"just discussing #TheBigShort"
Yeah, and gazing into his beautiful eyes!
No shame in her game, whatsoever.

[Image via Instagram.]

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