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Stacey Dash Claims She & Morgan Freeman Feel The Same Way About Black History Month — & Even Shares A Video To Support Her Story!

Stacey says she's not alone!
Stacey Dash is not backing down!
After the 49-year-old said on FOX & Friends last week that BET and Black History Month should be eliminated, she got a lot of negative feedback, especially from her fellow celebrities.
But the Clueless alum believes there's one famous figure who has her back… Morgan Freeman!
In a blog post she penned on Monday, the actress explained that she's gotten a lot of hate on Twitterregarding her controversial comments, writing:
"When I spoke out on Fox Newsand on my blog about the need to get rid of BET and Black History Month, all the same usual Twitter haters came out of the woodwork to troll me and say all sorts of disgusting things about me."
But the scandalized star wanted to point out to everyone who was sh*tting on her that she allegedly isn't the only one who thinks this.
She claimed that the amazing actor feels the same way she does, and that he should also be sharing some of the backlash, adding:
"Well, if you're going to call me ignorant, stupid, and an Uncle Tom, you need to be intellectually honest and also call out Morgan Freeman."
And the FOX News panelist even supplied a video she hopes will support her statement, in which theShawshank Redemption actor discusses Black History Month with the late Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes, sharing:
"What's that you say? You didn't realize that Morgan Freeman agrees with me that having a Black History Month is actually racist and a part of the problem in healing race relations in America? Well, listen to this interview from years back with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes."
Take a look at the clip for yourself (below):
After sharing the vid, she wrote:
"Damn straight, Morgan Freeman! PREACH IT! It's time we decide as a society whether we want to care about race or not. Like Morgan Freeman says, there is no White History Month and there should be no Black History Month. Black history IS American history."
She continued:
"You want racial healing and reconciliation? You want true equality? Listen to Morgan Freeman – Stop. Talking. About. Race. Like I said… so when do the Twitter trolls apologize to me? I'll wait right here."
What do U think of all this??

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