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Monday, January 4, 2016

C Ronaldo vows -"I won't coach when I retire, I want to live like a king" 

Cristiano Ronaldo says he has no desire to go into coaching when he retires from active football like former teammates Gary Neville, Roy Keane and Ryan Giggs. The 30 year old Real Madrid and Portugal star player says he has much more interests outside of football and does not foresee a coaching, management or presidential role when he hangs up his boots.

''There is another life after football,'' he said in an interview with El Mundo's Papel. ''I think at first it will cost a bit, but if you ask me now if I want to coach, I say no. Neither a club manager or president. You can say you have the best job, money, cars, houses..But that is not everything. An example, on Saturday there is a boxing match in Las Vegas and I would like to take my family and friends but I cannot because I have no time. But after (football) I want to live like a king.''
Ronaldo is Real Madrid's all time record highest goalscorer and won a third Ballon D'or last year.

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