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Madonna Can't Stop 'Crying' Over Her Estrangement With Rocco Ritchie — What Will It Take To Bring Him Home?

madonna heartbroken custody battle
Madonna is in serious need of a hug!
On Friday, a source revealed that theLike A Virgin singer is having an incredibly hard time over the estrangement with her son Rocco. We can only imagine that she's not thrilled about the custody battle with her ex Guy Ritchie.
ICYMI, the Material Girl's 15-year-old fled his momma's world tour for his filmmaker dad's London pad after he and the pop icon were fighting like crazy. Oof!
Still, as things continue to escalate between the mother/son duo, Madge appears to have reached her wits end. The insider noted:
"She has been crying constantly over what's going on with Rocco."
Poor thing! This update doesn't necessarily shock us since the B*tch I'm Madonna performer has posting about her kids quite a bit onInstagram.
To make matters worse, a judge ordered the youngster to go home but Rocco is certain that he wants to stay at his poppa's place — mainly because the 47-year-old isn't as "strict" as Madonna. Kiddo, she only took your cellphone away. It's gonna be ok!
Apparently, Guy has taken advantage of this estrangement in order to claim custody of the teenager. The source continued:
"Rocco is a typical 15-year-old who wants to do what he wants… This entire thing is 40 percent Rocco and 60 percent Guy. Guy is trying hard to mess with her again."
Yikes! Still, the confidante is vehement that the 57-year-old is a "fantastic mother."
Nonetheless, Rocco may be acting out because he misses having big sister Lourdes in his mom's house. The insider added:
"Rocco misses Lola so it's really hard for him not having her around at Madonna's house. He is incredibly close to her so it's really hard for him to be alone at his mom's without her."
Here's hoping this whole dramatic situation will FINALLY be resolved once the family meets at their appointed court hearing in February. Fingers crossed!
[Image via Instagram/Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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