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Iggy Azalea's Feud With Macklemore Leads Into ANOTHER Feud With Rapper Talib Kweli!

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Can't we all just get along?!

As we reportedMacklemoreaccused Iggy Azalea of cultural appropriation in his new song White Privilege II.

Surprising no one, the Fancy rapper shot back by calling out the Thrift Shop artist for his fake ways.

In a weird twist, the feud launched into ANOTHER feud involving rapperTalib Kweli.
It all started with Kweli posted a response on Twitter that explained how Miz Azalea has disrespected rap culture.
He wrote :

The Aussie fought back by saying:

Iggy then defends her love of the genre.

And all she wants is for people to stop judging her!

The 25-year-old diva then provides personal reasons as to why she condones racism.

Sigh! Another day, another celebrity fight!

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