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Donald Trump Landed A Celebrity Endorsement Today — From Sandra Bullock's Cheating, Nazi-Banging Ex Jesse James!

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Well, it wasn't Sarah Palin, but, uh, it still counts?
Donald Trump has been rumored to be courting the former Alaska governor's political endorsement this week, with hints that the focal point of the film Game Change may announce her support for The Donald as early as this afternoon.

But before that could happen, the real estate mogul accepted the endorsement of another public figure, and, uh, it's not exactly helpful.
That's because the endorsement is coming from none other than motorcycle-ridin' cheater Jesse James, of West Coast Choppersfame!
Let's just put it this way: when you're biggest celebrity endorsement is from someone who cheated onSandra Bullock and hooked up with a Nazi, you're doing something wrong!
James shared a Facebook post on Tuesday afternoon, explaining why he loved the real estate mogul for President, and you can read that whole rambling, incoherent statement (below):
Well then.
What's worse is, The Donald actually responded, proudly tweeting:

One of these men is making the other look really bad right now. But you know, honestly we're not sure which is which…
[Image via NBC/Jesse James/Facebook.]

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