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Chelsea Handler GOES OFF In Response To Heather McDonald Drama — 'Now She Should Really Be Scared'

Chelsea Handler and Heather McDonald
With friends like these, who needs enemies??
On Sunday we told you that formerChelsea Lately writer Heather McDonald appeared on Matt Weiss and Theo Von's podcastAllegedly, where she talked about"living in fear" of Chelsea Handlerduring her time on the show.

Now, we're hearing Chelsea's side of the story.
The Uganda Be Kidding Me author appeared on Jenny McCarthy'sDirty, Sexy, Funny show on Tuesday where she didn't hold anything back about what really went down between her and her former friend/panelist.

According to Miz Handler, McDonald allegedly exchanged stories about Chelsea to the tabloids in order to get her own photos and name in the mags. Instead of immediately firing the comedienne (as she was advised), Handler kept her on the show but removed her from her personal circle.
Before calling McDonald a "loser," the 40-year-old ranted:
"She would never say anything to my face, she would only say that on the radio — cause she's fucking scared and she should be. Now she should really be scared."


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