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Camille Cosby 'Sickened' Over Bill Cosby's Alleged Activities: He 'Deserves Every Bit Of The Hell He's Going Through Now'

Well it's about time.

We've been reporting on Camille Cosby's ongoing saga over whether or not she will give a deposition in the legal issues surrounding her husband Bill Cosby, and finally we have an idea of how his wife, 71, is feeling.

According to family sources, Camille did balk at giving a deposition — but it wasn't to help Bill, at all:

"She's been fighting giving a deposition, but that's not because she wants to keep protecting Bill, it's because it's so humiliating. She's still married to Bill because of all of the court stuff and now the criminal stuff. She knows that you can't force a wife to testify against her husband and she doesn't want any part of this at all."
Humiliation seems to be the factor for Camille in avoiding court on Bill's behalf, but she certainly isn't sounding like she's feeling that bad for the comedian, according to a "close family source":

"[Camille's] husband doesn't deserve jail, but he does deserve every bit of the hell he's going through now even though he is still pretending that this hell doesn't exist."

The source also reveals that Camille is not mad at the women, but rather, specifically at Bill:

"But, she has been thoroughly humiliated and believe me, her anger isn't directed at the women. Bill has humiliated her, and the affairs he's had have gotten out of hand and this [criminal charge] is him reaping what he's sown."
Well then!

At least it's good to see Camille is facing reality, even if Bill — and other celebrities — aren't there yet.

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