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Adele, Jennifer Lawrence, & Michael Fassbender's Penis: Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Golden Globes Speeches Of All Time!

Every year the Golden Globe Awardsrecognize another group of actors and filmmakers for their AH-Mazing hard work and incredible performances.
And after just a couple years, we completely forget who won what!
But one thing we never forget are the amazing speeches.
Whether it's Adele talking about pissing herself laughing, Jennifer Lawrencebragging about beating Meryl Streep, or George Clooney suggestingMichael Fassbender could play golf with his peen, there are just some speeches we'll ALWAYS remember!
Ch-ch-check out the best of the best speeches from years past (above) while we wait for new highlights at this year's ceremony — premiering Sunday, January 10 at 8 p.m. EST on NBC!

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