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2 suspects in gang-rape of 18-year-old woman in Brooklyn playground turn themselves in to police

Remember the 5 guys who raped an 18 year old girl after asking her Dad to leave? Well 2 of them have turned themselves in.
Two men suspected of taking part in the brutal gang rape of an 18-year-old girl in New York City on Thursday have turned themselves in to police.

The NYPD is interviewing the men at the 73rd Precinct in Brooklyn after the victim was attacked by five men at gunpoint in a park, according to local media. 
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio earlier said on Sunday that he was 'disgusted and deeply saddened' and that every possible step would be taken to find the suspects.
Authorities said the woman was accosted just after 9 p.m. Thursday as she and her father walked inside Osborn Playground in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn.
Police said there were five men, and one pointed a gun at the father and told him to leave. 
According to the New York Daily News, he pointed it at the victim's father and told him to 'get the f*** out of here.'
Each man raped the woman, police said. The father returned with two police officers, but the attackers fled. 
After the attack, the victim was taken to Kings County Hospital, where she was treated and released.
The New York Daily News reported that on Sunday, Brooklyn Borough President and former police captain Eric Adams said: 'They have enough time to do that and leave the scene? That's a substantial amount of time.'
He also reportedly said: 'We need to listen to the 911 call. We need to find out...the response time from the time it was reported. This baffles all my police experience. Something is missing.'
Adams and City Councilwoman Darlene Mealy are reportedly offering $2,000 'for any information leading to an arrest.'
Adams also said: 'There's a missing piece to this entire incident that five individuals raped a person and there was a lapse in the response to come here.' 
A deli owner admitted to the Daily News that he didn't believe the woman's father when he asked to use the store's phone to call 911 moments after the assault.
'He looked normal', the clark said. 'He didn't look nervous or desperate.' 
Residents told the Daily News the playground's lampposts do not function, and the it is almost completely dark in the evening.
'How can police wonder how stuff like this happens, and then when it gets dark they're not here?' a woman told the newspaper.
The NYPD is urging the public to help identify the suspects.


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