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Want To Live In Katy Perry's Colorful World? Well Now You Can Because Her App Is FINALLY Here!

It's Katy Perry's world and we're all just living in it, especially now thather mobile game is finally here!

On Tuesday, the pop princess revealed that Katy Perry Pop is officially available to download, so all you Katy Kats can virtually don a crazy, colorful wig and begin your rise to sugar-coated fame!
The songbird took to Twitter to share the exciting announcement, writing:

In the delightful digital world, users can create their own avatars and befriend the brunette beauty, who is more than willing to help them launch their singing careers!
And the 31-year-old even teased thatLEFT SHARK is in the game! The star posted to Instagram on Friday, dropping hints that the viral sensation is a part of the app! She shared:

Plus, the game shared this adorable animation of our favorite finned friend:

Left Shark is having a little too much fun in Tokyo! #KatyPerryPopA photo posted by @thekatyperrypopgame on Dec 15, 2015 at 9:42am PST
Drinks with Lefty??? Yes, please!
Do U want to get the app and see the world through Katy's rose-colored glasses?!

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