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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

See pictures of Oscar Pistorius' prison cell

This is the prison where convicted Paralympian, Oscar Pistorius was held for almost a year before he was released to serve out the rest of his five year sentence under house arrest.  

Today Tuesday Dec. 1st the Department of Correctional Services invited journalists to visit the Kgosi Mampuri II Prison in Pretoria, where Pistorius was held, to give the media an 'informed perspective' on conditions.

Kgosi Mampuri II Prison houses over 7,000 prisoners in crowded and allegedly unsanitary conditions. Pistorius' defence team had tried to argue that he would be at risk of attack and gang rape if he were sentenced to jail. They claimed the double amputee was more at risk because of his disability.

Pistorius was released from prison in August after serving one-fifth of his five years sentence for culpable homicide. Prosecutors are appealing for his conviction to be upgraded to a murder, which carries a minimum 15-year jail sentence. The decision to release him has been met with criticism not least because he currently lives in relative luxury at his uncle's mansion.

 As he left prison...

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