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Tom Brady Says He Supports 'Really Good Friend' Donald Trump!

Whattaya know… a couple of controversial Northeasterners who have each other's back!
Tom Brady is speaking out about his buddy Donald Trump — and it's ALL good for the New England Patriots' quarterback!

Speaking on WEEI Radio's Dennis & Callahan Show on Tuesday afternoon, Brady was very supportive of his "good friend."
In the interview, the quarterback was hesitant when asked if he would actually vote for the real estate mogul, but he did send his love and respect:
"Can I just stay out of this debate? Donald, he's a good friend of mine. I've known him for a long time. I support all my friends. That's what I have to say. He's a good friend of mine."
Voting or not, Brady seems REALLYimpressed by the former Apprenticestar:
"I think it's pretty remarkable what he's achieved in his life. I mean, going from business, kind of an incredible businessman and then a TV star, and then getting into politics. It's a pretty different career path. I think that is pretty remarkable."
Yeah, that's maybe not how wewould describe Donald Trump, but… OK, Tom.
The funny thing is, even Hillary Clinton is old pals with The Donald. Seems so strange considering the hate he's ready to spread.
What do U think — why are they friends with this guy?!
[Image via Rob Rich/Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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