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Thursday, December 3, 2015

ISIS release sickening video showing the beheading of Russian spy

Isis has released a chilling new video which appears to show a militant brutally beheading a man they claim is a Russian spy.
The terror group claims the man was murdered in revenge over Russian air strikes in Syria.

The prisoner wearing an orange jump suit is executed with a hunting knife just like the killings carried out by Jihadi John .
But unlike Mohammed Emwaz I (Jihadi John) this man was not wearing a balaclava and his bearded face could be clearly seen.
The video shows the man sitting in an orange jumpsuit giving details of his apparent recruitment by Russian intelligence services.
Then it cuts to the Islamic State fighter, who says in Russian the air strikes ordered by Putin against the Islamist extremist group "has only made us more certain and more firm", according to CNN.
He then addresses the Russian people, saying, "You will not find peace in your homes.
"We will kill your sons ... for each son you killed here. "And we will destroy your homes for each home you destroyed here."

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