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THIS Famous Actor Took Kyle Richards' Virginity!

Kyle Richards revealed who took her V-card!
On Monday, the Real Housewivesof Beverly Hills star revealed herfirst hot and heavy Hollywood romance on Andy Cohen'sSiriusXM show, Radio Andy.
When Andy asked who she dated back in the day, the mom-of-four shared:
"Well, you know that my first boyfriend was C. Thomas Howell, for five years. Like, a serious boyfriend for a long time."
Howell has been in a ton of movies like Soul Man and The Hitcher, but is best known for his role in the 1983 hit The Outsiders alongside Rob LoweMatt Dillon, and Patrick Swayze.
Richards — who was born and raised in Hollywood — admitted that it was a "nightmare" stepping out with Howell during his heyday:
"I got married so young and had my kids so young, so that was the only actor. That's a good one. It was my first kiss, my first boyfriend, [for] five years."
Cohen, of course, jumped on the opportunity to ask if CTH was her first lover, to which she responded nervously:
"Andy do you have to talk like that? Shh. Yes. Oh my god, this is so awkward. I'm so glad my husband isn't here right now."
Andy tried to find out how long the young duo waited to have sex, but the 46-year-old reality star refused to divulge any more information for the sake of her daughters:
"No, uh-uh! I have four daughters … many, many, many years…"
HA! Riiiight.
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