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The Canyons Writer Bret Easton Ellis Calls The Rape Allegations Against James Deen 'A Ridiculous Witch Hunt'

The first person to defend James Deen (other than himself or his father) has come forward.
Before now, the 29-year-old was one of the only voices claiming his innocence in the 10+ accusations of rape against him from former partners and co-workers.
ICYMI: The porn star's ex-girlfriend and fellow X-rated performer Stoyawas the first in a series of women to accuse James of rape. Since then 12 other women, including Farrah Abraham, have come forward claiming they were assaulted by the actor.

The Hollywood Reporter reported 10 women have come forward, but upon further investigation the count is actually 13. The Frisky names the women as:
"Stoya (1), Joanna Angel (2),Tori Lux (3), Ashley Fires (4),Kora Peters (5), Lily LaBeau (6),T.M. (7), Bree Olson (8), Amber Rayne (9), Nicki Blue (10), Holly Jee (11), Farrah Abraham (12) and Bonnie Rotton (13)."
Sources like The Daily Beast andHuffington Post are even referring to Deen as the "Bill Cosby of porn."
Author and screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis spoke with THR for an article posted on Friday defending the Deen he has gotten to know over the years working together.

Ellis casted Deen in The Canyons, the 2013 film with Lindsay Lohan that marked his crossover debut. James played a "violent sociopath who enjoys degrading and raping women" in a role that was writtenwith him in mind.

When asked what he thinks of the allegations, Ellis shared:
"This whole thing is a ridiculous witch hunt. Most of the people in James' close circle know that this is a wild distortion, a lie on Stoya's part. And when this evidence comes out with texts and emails, it's going to prove everyone who is #solidaritywithstoya to be ashamed of themselves. So I think that's part of the problem."
The podcast host then goes on to say Stoya is "unstable" and alleged that there was a coincidence in the timing of her claim:
"Evidence that James has in terms of texts. Threats. This has been going on with Stoya for a while. I've known James before Stoya, I've known him during Stoya. I traveled to Europe with them. I have seen firsthand what was going on in that relationship — and this is a very unstable person. And the threats in texts and emails that James has is part of the reason why he's remaining kind of cool about this. Because this is all going to come out — that she has threatened rape claims against him at other times in the relationship. The fact that these tweets are posted on the day that James and his new girlfriend buy a house is not a coincidence. That alone — that Stoya was not happy that the relationship ended but James felt that he had to get out of it. And she has been very vocal about how much she was in love with him and has called him her "heroin" at one point. The very fact that on the day that James buys a house with his girlfriend, she tweets this, what do you think? Is that enough?"
Ellis continued to say that they are in the porn industry, and rough sex happens:
"I mean everyone's saying, "It doesn't matter if you're in the porn world. It doesn't matter if you're in the porn industry." Well I think it does. I think when we're talking about porn sets and BDSM parties, I don't know. Are there any of these allegations — and I was looking at them closely to see, "Am I wrong about James? Am I wrong?" — but to me there is a sliding scale of offenses. I'm sorry, but there is a sliding scale of offenses. It just seems so distorted, let's put it that way. The allegations seem so distorted. And because they are on porn sets and stuff, I don't know, out of the 6,000 women James has been with, ten people come forward with this and are complaining."
After saying the Bill Cosby comparison is just "clickbait," Ellis revealed he wouldn't be surprised if women kept coming forward:
"It's, "Look at me, how do I feel? I've been victimized, I'm a victim too. Oh, she said she's a victim? I'm also a victim." It's a domino effect. And I don't know where it will stop with James. Maybe it will be 80. Maybe 80 women in porn are going to start saying, "Well, looking back on it, that was prettyrough sex and he did go further than he probably should have in that scene." It seems to me to be all a kind of joke."
To call the whole situation a "joke" and to label the women as "unstable" is very wrong — especially when he wasn't there at the alleged attacks and doesn't know the actual facts!
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