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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Knifeman screaming 'this is for Syria' slashes man's throat in London tube station

A knifeman slashed a man across the throat at a busy London tube station and allegedly shouted 'this is for Syria' before being Tasered by police in what has been described by Scotland Yard as a terrorism attack.
The victim suffered serious knife injuries at Leytonstone underground station shortly after 7pm last night.

Anti-terror police are now investigating the attack after eyewitnesses claimed they heard the 29-year-old man shout 'this is for Syria' and 'all of your blood will be spilled' during the terrifying attack.

Terrified children ran for safety with their parents as a victim was left on the floor of the ticket hall lying in a large pool of blood. The distressing scenes were filmed on mobile phones and posted online by onlookers.

Witnesses said that until police arrived, the knifeman, 29, attacked people at random for up to ten minutes screaming:
‘This is what happens when you f*** with mother Syria. All of your blood will be spilled.’
But one onlooker defiantly shouted back to him: 'You ain't no Muslim bruv.'
Another called out: 'Drop it, you fool.'  
One victim, 56, was left with serious injuries and rushed to hospital with a police escort while two other people suffered minor wounds. None was life-threatening. 

After reportedly slashing his victim's throat, the man allegedly threatened several other passengers before being confronted by a number of unarmed police officers.
The officers ordered the man to drop his weapon, who continued to wave the large knife. 
One video shows the man lunge towards the police, with witnesses shouting 'he's stabbed someone'.
One of the officers reportedly shouted 'Taser, Taser, Taser' before discharging the weapon.
It is understood the man needed several bolts of electricity before he collapsed to the ground.  
The incident has now been handed over to the Metropolitan Police's Counter Terrorism Command. 
The victim suffered serious, non life-threatening knife wounds while two others were injured.

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