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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Photos of Air Hostess feeding a paralyzed elderly man on a flight goes viral

A passenger on a Zhengzhou-to-Haikou flight captured these photos of an air hostess feeding a paralyzed passenger. The photos posted online has since gone viral with many people hailing her kind gesture. After seeing 71-year-old Niu struggling to eat, air hostess Fan Xuesong went above and beyond her duty, to help him eat.

The retired medical professor from Henan Province was traveling with his wife to Haikou. Due to paralysis from cerebral infarction two years ago, Niu is dependent on a wheelchair entirely, so the aircrew had transferred him to the only remaining wider seat in the first row. And as his wife was separated and seated a few rows behind, she couldn’t help him.

"The moment I asked to feed him, he just burst into tears," Fan told the Zhengzhou Evening News. Serving passengers was her responsibility, Fan said when Niu thanked her for her service.

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