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Rebel Wilson Shared The Most Amazingly Awkward Blowjob Story In Her Cosmopolitan Awards Acceptance Speech!

This story is pitch perfect!
Rebel Wilson has proven her comedic chops thanks toBridesmaids and Pitch Perfect, but it turns out she's just as awkwardly HIGHlarious in real life as well.

While accepting her award for Ultimate Woman at Cosmopolitan's Ultimate Woman of the Year Awards on Wednesday night, the 35-year-old actress thanked the mag for teaching her everything she knows about sex.

In fact, she went into GREAT detail about a blowjob she recently gave using Cosmo's tips.
Let's just say things didn't quite work out in anyone's favor…
Read the story in all its glory (below)!!!

"Where I'm from, Cosmo's known as the best magazine for sex tips and it is. I went to a Christian all girls high school so I didn't know a lot, and then I learned a lot from Cosmopolitan magazine, and I'm still learning. Even this year.
I probably shouldn't tell this story…
But thankfully for us, she did tell the story of getting romantic with a recent BF:
"We were having this nice weekend in a hotel in New York and I wanted it to be special, so I googled 'Cosmopolitan BJ tips'. I grew up very conservatively and just wanted to be impressive. And there are some really weird tips, like put a fan in the corner of the room because every now and then you'll get this burst of air. And then something about this small hole at the end of it… if you lick that…
There were some really detailed tips. But one of them was that you should get a bit of ice and put it in your mouth and it will drive your man wild. But I called up room service and said, 'Can I just have a bucket of ice', and then it came, like, 30 minutes later. It really spoiled the mood because I was like, 'Wait, we just have to wait.'

And then the guy comes in with the bucket of ice and he goes, 'Do you want me to put the champagne in it?' and I'm like, 'No, that's fine…' And the whole thing, it was a disaster basically."
Aww! Who hasn't been there, messing everything up by trying too hard to impress? Luckily, Rebel took something away from the experience:
"And then I thought why concentrate on pleasing the guy? Just please yourself. And I learnt a good lesson that day.
And if you do want to try that tip, that tip does actually suck — pardon the pun. It doesn't really work that good. The fan one, though — excellent."

What awkward sexual encounter should Rebel relive next??

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