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Prince William Spends Time With An Anti-Bullying Charity In Honor Of Princess Diana & Opens Up On Prince George's Christmas Eve Antics!

Prince William is such a stand up guy!

On Monday, the kind royal met with the anti-bullying charity Diana Award in honor of his late mother,Princess Diana. The father of two will take part in multiple training sessions and meetings to educate himself on preventing bullying over diversity.
Diana Award commented on their mission, stating:

"By the end of the day these young people will have the tools and guidance to set up a year-long social action project in their communities, aimed at fostering a better, safe and bully-free environment."
Sounds like an awesome way to spend a Monday! Anti-bullying is such an important cause!
On another feel good note, Will opened up about Prince Georgeand his major excitement over Christmas presents. The dad joked:
"George will be bouncing around like a rabbit. If I get any sleep on Christmas Eve, it'll be good."
Ha! We'd be amped too! Xmas must be FABULOUS when you're a royal!
The 33-year-old added:
"We'll watch George try to tackle his presents as he tries to unwrap them. It's a very different experience at Christmas, having a family of your own. It'd be nice if we got a white Christmas because we haven't had one in many years."
Aww, so adorable. We hopePrincess Charlotte gets spoiled by Santa too!
Happy holidays, you guys!

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