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Michelle Obama Just Revealed President Barack Obama's Xmas Gift Along With The Entire First Family!

Hopefully President Barack Obama doesn't catch wind of this news!

At an appearance at Children's National Hospital on Monday,Michelle Obama spilled the beans on her Christmas shopping for POTUS and their two girls, Sashaand Malia Obama.

Naughty, naughty Michelle!
Naturally, Xmas shopping at the White House is no joke — what do you get one of the most influential men in the world? According to M.O., workout gear!
The momma of two dished:
"Another President Christmas-present question. All right, press, don't tell him. He's going to get some workout stuff. It's not going to be very interesting this year, honey. Sorry."
Ha! It seems like 51-year-old did the best she could considering her daunting task!

But wait, what about Michelle's two teenagers? Some might argue teens are more difficult to shop for than presidents! The health enthusiast revealed:

"It will be some version of money. They don't want me to waste my energy picking out stuff they don't want. So they'd rather just have the money."
Sounds about right! You can't go wrong with cold hard cash!
As for the fam's doggies, Obama knew exactly what to get the pups:
"They get lots of new toys and treats. They get presents every year. They were very nice this year. They have been very good dogs."
Aww! At least the dogs are easy to shop for!
So, what would YOU get Barack if you were Michelle?
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