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Melanie Griffith Fires Back At Body Shamers — Read Her STFU Message HERE!

Don't mess with Melanie Griffith.

On Saturday, Melanie shot back at body haters who shamelessly critiqued a recent Instagram pic of her legs. While the photo intended to show off Mel's gorgeous gams and a Hawaiian beachside view, mean commenters decided to poke fun at her physique instead.

Take a look at the snap in question (below):

Sadly, the haters took the 58-year-old to task for the few wrinkles on her long stems which set the actress off. In response to the haterade, M.G. share an unfiltered selfie and fierce message… check it out (below)!

Amazing! It's clear Melanie could care LESS about her disgruntle fans — which is exactly how it should be! Considering the momma justofficially divorced her longtime husband Antonio Banderas, she should be focusing on the positive and NOT the negative!
So, what do YOU think about Griffith's message?

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