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Meet The Belieber Who Legally Changed Her Last Name To Bieber & Sleeps Next To A Life-Size Justin Every Night!

This takes commitment.
Justin Bieber has one of the most loyal fanbases in the world, but we may have just found the biggest Belieber yet.
Gabrielle Lucy Newton-Bieber is a 22-year-old from Nottinghamshire and she claims to be the ultimate JB stan — and judging by her pop culture résumé, we're inclined to agree!
You may have noticed that Gabrielle's last name is the same as her idol's… which makes sense seeing as she legally changed it at the age of 18!
Gabby recently opened up about the moment that sparked her interest in the Canadian singer, saying:
"Justin released his first singleOne Time when I was aged 16 and straight away I was obsessed. He was so cute with his floppy hair and riding his skateboard. I fell for him instantly. He makes us all so happy.
Justin Bieber is my world."
But there's more than just a name change that make Gabrielle the No. 1 Belieber — she also sleeps next to a cardboard cutout of the 21-year-old every night, owns every perfume, makeup, and clothing item he's ever released, and has five tattoos of his lyrics!
Apparently, she went through all this trouble in the hope that Justin would hear about her obsession and ask to meet her when he's next performing in Yorkshire October 2016.
Never say never, Lucy!
[Image via Gabrielle Lucy Newton-Bieber/Facebook and Justin Bieber/Instagram.]

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