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Lupita Nyong'o Sparkles & Shines For Her First Ever Essence Cover!

December has only begun, but the January covers are rolling in!
Adding to her already impressive list,Lupita Nyong'o is kicking off the new year on the cover of Essence!
Get it, girl!
It's been almost two years since theStar Wars: The Force Awakensstarlet last graced the glossy's pages, but it seems this time we're getting a whole new look at the actress.
Her metallic bronze look is way more muted than how she's usually styled, but she shines regardless!
Even the one peek we have at her spread inside the magazine is just as amazing.
The 32-year-old is styled in a striped, sequined shift designed to be an attention-grabber — but for her interview, Lupita talks about what it's like to have all that attention.
Reminiscing about her instant fame, she confessed:
"After 12 Years a Slave and the quote-unquote meteoric rise, I felt like there was a moment where I was suffering from whiplas.I had talked so much about who I was that I'd forgotten who I was."
And in the same vein, Miz Nyong'o revealed:
"When I dreamed of being an actor, I didn't dream of the praise that would come with it. I didn't dream of the awards. I dreamed of inhabiting different characters. That was the dream."
We can only imagine what a culture shock it was for her! Trying to explain it, she shared:
"It's not a natural environment for a human being to inhabit. You're one person, and hundreds of flashes are going off in your face and people are yelling your name…and you're standing there to be judged, so you're kind of complicit in it. I don't think anyone ever gets used to it. It becomes familiar and you stop shaking as much and your body gets used to that level of shock. But it's like being onstage: You never stop getting butterflies. It's one of the things that reminds you that you care."
Of course, the Kenya-born actress takes her craft seriously. Even speaking of being cast as Maz Kanatain the highly-anticipated Star Warsfilm, Lupita offers:
"I was on the way to the beach and all of sudden J.J.'s on the phone. I asked to see the script and they flew someone to Morocco with the script so I could read it. I was immediately interested in the character. I like to get lost in the transformation and I felt like this character would offer me that… I can say that she's strong and has a colorful past and that's it before they shoot me down."
Guess her fans will have to wait to see the movie for themselves!
[Image via Essence Magazine.]

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