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Learn More About What Happened When Kristin Cavallari's Missing Brother Abandoned His Car & Why The Sheriff Remains Optimistic

New details are emerging about what happened right before Kristin Cavallari's brother abandoned his car.
Michael Cavallari went missing 13 days ago, after he was last seen at Maverick gas station in Monticello, Utah. According to authorities, he had ditched his car about 100 miles north of the business.
Now, DailyMail has learned a little bit more about that drive.
While he was at the store, the 30-year-old supposedly asked for directions to Salt Lake City after buying some gas. The Laguna Beachstar's sibling then drove for about two hours, leaving the I-70 highway at exit 175.
The brother of the Hills alum proceeded down a paved road that turned into a dirt track after only two miles. Grand County Sheriff Steven White has no idea why he made that decision, saying:
"It just doesn't make any sense. We don't know if he'd been drinking or what his state of mind was."
The report claims Michael turned the car around to make his way back towards the highway, but for some unknown reason, he missed a curve on the road and the car ran off track, eventually crashing in a hole.
Apparently, the area where his vehicle was found is known to contain coyotes and bears, and is freezing at this time of year.
But Steven remains optimistic that Kristin's brother could be okay, saying:
"If you go down this road four or five miles further there's a set of sand dunes that's a popular recreation area and at Thanksgiving weekend there's a lot of camps and stuff out there so we're hoping somebody saw something or maybe somebody gave him a ride out and that they'll give us a call."
We really hope Michael turns up safe and sound. Our thoughts are with everyone affected during this trying time

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