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Lana Del Rey Would Have Gladly Done The Spectre Theme Song — Find Out Why She Didn't Become A Bond Girl HERE!

This seems like a big mistake on their part.
Lana Del Rey may have one of the most emotionally charged voices in the industry, but that wasn't enough to score her the theme song for the newest James Bond film Spectre.

As you're probably aware, Sam Smith was the lucky Brit selected to follow in Adele's footsteps offSkyfall… except that his Writing's on the Wall was not nearly as successfulas his predecessor's Oscar-winning ballad.

Unfortunately for the Daniel Craigvehicle, they may have missed a big opportunity for a hit because, as it turns out, Lana says she would have jumped at the chance to helm the action flick, saying:
"I would've done it if I was asked but I wasn't asked. I love all of theBond music that's been put out over the years and I love soundtracks in general. There are a couple of songs on [Honeymoon] that have a Bondfeel like 24 and Swan Song."
We would have killed for a Lana andSpectre team-up!
Lana was famously snubbed at the Academy Awards when her TheGreat Gatsby theme song Young and Beautiful failed to even earn a nomination when it was clearly one of the best of the year.
Hopefully James Bond wises up and offers her the chance to sing for the eventual 25th film in the franchise!
[Image via Lana Del Rey/Instagram.]

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