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Joey Feek Plays Dress Up With Her Adorable 21-Month-Old Daughter From Her Hospice Bed

This is so bittersweet.
Rory Feek announced on Sunday that his wife Joey Feek — who is under hospice care as she battles stage four cervical cancer — is now unable to get out of bed. However, that isn't stopping her fromcherishing every moment with her 21-month-old daughter, Indiana.
An adorable photo posted to theJoey + Rory band Facebook page on Tuesday shows the bedridden country singer playing dress up with little Indy as the mother-daughter duo rocks matching handmade wigs.
In the side-by-side image, Joey smiles from her hospice bed as the little one rides her tricycle into the bedroom.
If you've been keeping up with the Feek's journey, you know that Joey and Rory continue to hold steadfast to hope for a miracle, but are taking each day as it comes.
We are so inspired by theirwillingness to share their story so openly. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Joey and her recovery!
[Image via Facebook.]

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