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Is This Kristen Stewart's Craziest Hairdo Yet? Vote HERE!

That is some SERIOUS bedhead.
Kristen Stewart attended a Chaneldinner party at Ristorante Dal Bolognese hosted by Karl Lagerfeld in Rome on Monday, and this is how her hair looked!
We're not sure what's going on exactly. Has it been brushed? Has it been washed? Is this the future of hair and we just don't get it?
From other angles it looked like the right side was much shorter than the left, and the left side featured this, er, bird's nest-inspired arrangement.
You know the drill, guys! Let's put it to a vote!
Do You Like KStew's Hairstyle???
  •  Yes, I love it and I love her DGAF attitude!
  •  Um, I guess it's not THAT bad.
  •  Did she get attacked by a bat?!

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