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Gayle King Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Journey — Says 'Slow & Steady Wins The Race'!

You go girl!
On Thursday, Gayle King opened up about her weight loss journey while at the opening night for the Broadway revival of The Color PurpleOprah Winfrey's best friend joined Weight Watchers recently and it seems to be doing good for the CBS This Morning anchor.

The industry vet shared:
"This is the beauty of Weight Watchers—you can eat exactly what you want and I for one needed structure. But what's great is you can eat whatever you want and you decide how you want to your points. The other day I had two pieces of cake!"
That's AH-Mazing. However, she quipped:
"I don't recommend that. I had salad the rest of the day, but then the next day you get right back on it."
HA! Though it seems that Miz King is prepared both mentally and physically to take on the weight loss challenge.
She explained:
"Slow and steady wins the race."
Well said! Still, we shouldn't be so shocked that Gayle's gotten involved with the lifestyle brand as her BFF just became a partial owner in the company.
Nonetheless, it appears that the 60-year-old is attempting to get healthy outside of Oprah's involvement in the business.
The TV personality noted:
"I'm doing it with myself—with me, myself and I. I'm not new to Weight Watchers. I've done it before."
Fierce! Regardless of the reason why Gayle joined W.W., we think she's definitely killing it right now.


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