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Gaby Hoffmann Reminisces About That 'Bizarre' Time She Partied With Kim Kardashian & Nicole Richie At Neverland Ranch!

There are some memories you never forget.
Gaby Hoffmann definitely has her fair share, as it was revealed on her Tuesday trip to HuffPost Live!

The Transparent starlet was shown a picture of her as a kid starring none other than Kim Kardashian West andNicole Richie, so you know there's a good story behind it.
She described:
"We weren't friends. This is a totally strange, bizarre, anomalous moment."
And the 33-year-old continued:
"In those two years, I happened to be in school with these girls – at least Nicole. I don't remember that Kim Kardashian actually went to our school. But Nicole Richie invited me to her birthday party, and it was at Michael Jackson's Neverland! That's where this picture was taken… I wasn't even really friends with Nicole. I don't know why she invited me to this party, and I don't really even remember ever talking to Kim Kardashian."
Is that wild, or what??

In case you didn't know. the king of pop was Nicole's godfather, so that kind of explains it.
Sadly, Gaby never got to meet MJ himself, but she mentioned:

"I did get to meet A.J. and Bubbles, the chimps. I actually didn't care that much that Michael wasn't there because I got to meet the chimps."
Wow. We wonder if Kimmy and Nicole still remember it as well as Gaby does!
That's amazing! Ch-ch-check out the clip from her interviewto see the surprising snap (below)!

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