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Diddy LOVES Downton Abbey — And Even Writes Angry Fan Letters! Find Out What Brought Him To Tears!

This is too good!

Downton Abbey's final season is right around the corner, and we couldn't be more excited!
We know how widely popular the British show is, but we didn't know that it could make even the biggest tough guys or businessmen turn soft!
Sure we knew about Diddy's HIGHlarious Funny of Die sketchwhere the the Grammy winner joins the cast, but we didn't know he was such a fan IRL!
In a BAFTA TV tribute to the series — which will be going into its final season in January 2016 — theComing Home rapper talked about his love for the show, saying:
"I'm interested in history, kings and lords. I watched episode one and got wrapped up in it. Then I found out I had a crush on Lady Sybil. I watched it every week to see her pretty eyes and discovered the show was excellent."
His fandom seemed to reach a peak when [SPOILER ALERT] the show killed the character off as the 46-year-old recalled:
"When she died, it was devastating to me. I was angry and wrote to the creators saying it was uncalled-for and stressful."
The rapper's frustration didn't end there though as he went on to say:
"Then when Matthew Crawley died, it was straight tears in my house."
Diddy also sees a lot of similarities between himself and Matthew on the show; he explained:
"[Matthew's] plight as an outsider coming in, being hit with a fortune and having to figure it out, reminded me of myself."
As with nearly every other Downtonfan, the music sensation isn't happy about the show ending:
"We have to do something about it."
We don't know how much can be done to revive the series, but we're betting if there's anyone that can bring it back, it's Diddy!
Make sure you catch the season premiere of Downton Abbey's sixth and final season when it kicks off January 3 on PBS Masterpiece.

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