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Bryan Singer's Sexual Abuse Accuser Has Been Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Fraud!

Legal karma?!
As we reported last yearMichael Egan — the man who famously accused director Bryan Singer of sexual abuse when he was a teenager — was charged with securities fraud after he fooled at least 14 individuals to give him money for fake investments.
Allegedly, the 33-year-old used the dough — a reported $300,000 — to fund his lavish lifestyle.
Well on Tuesday, a judge has sentenced Egan to two years in prison.
As we wrote, Michael's claims against the X-Men director, as well as two other Hollywood executives, were dismissed.
The convicted criminal's former attorney — Jeffrey Herman — even issued formal apologies to the three wrongfully accused men.
Herman said:
"I deeply regret the pain, suffering and damage the lawsuits and publicity have caused you, and your family, friends and colleagues."
We just hope justice is brought down on anyone who breaks the law!

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