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As you know, President Muhammad Buhari is back to Abuja, Nigeria after attending the China-Africa Cooperation forum in Johannesburg, South Africa, from December 4-5, 2015.

My blog briefly highlights the major talking points of the event:
China has graciously pledged $60 billion in development assistance to Africa, promising to support and help African nations to industrialize and elevate its relationship with the continent beyond the one centered relationship of only extraction of raw materials for China’s use.
No doubt every member of Naijaloaded as come across or used a made in Chinese item. Now this deal is expected to see more gains from a country that has benefited greatly from the relationship between Africa and China.
The President of China, Xi Jinping, expressed full confidence in the deal, stating:
“China has the strong political commitment to supporting Africa in achieving development and prosperity.”
“China now has the technology, equipment, professional and skilled personnel and capital needed to help Africa realize sustainable self-development.”
President Xi Jinping was joined in Johannesburg by many leaders across Africa, over 40 heads of state, including our President Muhammad Buhari.
President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of a ”WIN-WIN” resolution in the deal, stating that:
“China strongly believes that Africa belongs to the African people and that African affairs should be decided by the African people,”
Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, who isn’t shy to express his views, was very delighted with President Xi Jinping ideology, stating:
“He is doing to us what we expected those who colonized us yesterday to do,” Mr. Mugabe said to loud applause.
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