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Amy Poehler's Star Is The Newest Addition To The Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

We all know Amy Poehler is a huge star, and now she's getting a huge star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
On Thursday, the blonde beauty was honored on the iconic Hollywood boulevard, where she was awarded her own space on the (literally) star-studded sidewalk!
Maya RudlophNBC Vice ChairmanRon Meyer, Amy's parents, and her two sons were all there to support the actress on her big day.
Also in attendance was Parks and Recreation creator Michael Schurand costar Rashida Jones, who both had a little something to say about the ceremony's honoree!
The writer and producer wanted to congratulate the 44-year-old for being the 2,566th best actress in America, while the brunette babe insisted that she was simply filling in for Johnny Depp – who she joked was actually supposed to speak — and began to read a "letter" the actor had written for the event.
When the Sisters lead finally took the podium, she stole the show, naturally! She said:
"I've been told I'm in-betweenRoseanne Barr and Sally Field, which also describes my career in a way, if I play my cards right."
The lovely lady then decided to tell an adorable anecdote about her whirlwind of a morning, continuing:
"I woke up and I felt so excited to be here with my friends and family and I had tea with my family and I received a text fromCarol Burnett, which was really exciting and I'm front-door bragging about that, she did text me this morning. We're friends. I have her number. And she said, ‘Best of luck on getting your star.' Then I went to the gas station and as I was pumping my gas, I left my wallet on the roof of my car, and I drove away, and I thought I had lost my wallet forever, but it was returned to me just an hour ago from a charming, slim gentleman who works at Ford models, who goes by the name ofDilly. And I tell you this story to remind us that people can be good, that no one can do it alone, and I still pump my own gas."
But then the momma-of-two got pretty real, confessing:
"Growing up as a daughter of two public school teachers, I knew very little about Hollywood or Los Angeles and I'd never seen the Walk of Fame. I had no brush with greatness. I knew no one that was an actor or writer. I never imagined I would be here, truly. It's a genuine honor."
And her speech wasn't complete without addressing the main men in her life, her boys Abel and Archie. She gushed:
"Thanks for coming to this weird thing, and thank you for understanding all the time when I have to go to work. I really appreciate it. You guys are awesome guys. Thank you for filling me with love and laughter every day."
We're so proud of this radiant woman, because we ALL know she totally deserves this incredible accolade!
After all this year, the Wet Hot American Summer prequel hitNetflixInside Out was a smashing successParks and Rec finally came to a closeSisters is shaping up to bea HIGHlarious flick this holiday season, and she and BFF Tina Feywill be hosting SNL's final 2015 episode!
So, the fantastic comedian has accomplished quite a bit in the past 364 days alone! Congratulations, Amy!

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