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Adele Announces Her Next Single Off 25 — Which Fan Favorite Will Be Getting A Lot More Radio Play Soon?

The Queen has issued a decree!
It's been about two months sinceAdele returned to the world of music with her history-making album25 and accompanying lead singleHello, but it looks like she's ready to take 2016 by storm as well.
That's because the 27-year-old finally decided on a followup to her Xavier Dolan vid on Monday and has chosen which song will serve as her second single off the album.
Fans pretty much unanimously agreed that Million Years AgoWhen We Were Young, and Water Under the Bridge were the clear potential candidates… but which of the favorites did Adele pick in the end??
When We Were Young, of course!!!
The track already has a video thanks to her live performance at The Church Studio in London, but now this means we'll be getting WWWYon our radios as often as Hello, and we're certainly not complaining!
Which song off 25 do U want to see as the eventual 3rd single??
Ch-ch-check out the beautiful live music video for When We Were Young to get you in the Adele mood (below)!!!

[Image via Adele/Instagram.]

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