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Abby Lee Miller Says She Might Not Be In Some Episodes Of Dance Moms'

New Season! Find Out WHY!

What even IS Dance Moms without Abby Lee Miller?!
It looks like the new season of Dance Moms might be missing its star… at least for a few episodes!

Abby Lee Miller recently revealed in a newsletter that there's a good chance we won't see her in a portion of the popular program!

For those of you wondering why the controversial dance instructor wouldn't appear on her own show, the 49-year-old explained that she doesn't get along with a member of the production staff, writing:
"If I've gone missing from a few Episodes in Season 6, don't believe anything anybody says. No doubt, I am fighting with a Producer."
Now, we know what you're thinking. Abby is known for being hot-blooded, angering easily, and overreacting, so that has to be what's happening in this new feud, right?

Wellllll, not so fast!
According to the TV personality, the producer-in-question is apparently suggesting absurd storylines for the young dancers. The Lifetime star continued:
"When a grown man tells me he wants one of my kids to portray a pregnant teen and wear a baby bump — I have to put my foot down. If that means not moving my foot and not working and getting fined in the process, well that's a risk I am willing to take to protect my girls. I am always teaching principles, integrity, and values in addition to dance technique. It is important for me that the girls learn to stand up and fight for what they believe in!"
But that's not the only thing that could keep Abby off our television screens!
The businesswoman is currently being charged with bankruptcy fraud, and is asking to have a jury trial after pleading "not guilty."
On Thursday, her lawyers filed a second extension in the court case, hoping to delay the deadline for her pretrial paperwork. They said:
"Additional time is needed for undersigned counsel to fully review the discovery material provided and to inspect and review the material located at the FBI's Pittsburgh Office in order to perform a complete investigation of the facts and law before making informed decisions concerning the filing of pretrial motions."
It'll be interesting to see how all thisdrama plays out… on- or off-camera!

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